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An admit is an admitted student that is looking forward to starting the business school experience. Through meet, admits do not need to wait until term starts to begin engaging with other members of the business school’s rich and vibrant admit, student and alumni community.

Meet Priyanka

Priyanka is 26 year old management consultant working at a top tier firm in Hyderabad and is excited to go to business school to pursue a new career in food tech entrepreneurship. She is thrilled to have just accepted an offer from Americas Business School in the US.
Even though term doesn’t begin for another 4 months, she can’t wait to start immersing herself in the school’s vibrant community and get to know more about the people she’ll be spending the next two years of her life with.

Priyanka has a few things on her mind…

Who are my classmates? What are their backgrounds? Are any of them currently living in Hyderbad so we can already arrange a meetup? What are their backgrounds - do any of them work in food tech? What’s the best way of finding a flat? Is there anyone from the year above currently based in Hyderabad? Are there any social events being organised in the run up to term starting? What group chats have been created for my class and year group? Can we start connecting over similar intests and hobbies? Is anyone from my class looking for a flatmate? Is there a food tech club at Hardurd? Is there an entrepreneurship club? How can I join? Is there an Indian community at the school? What group chats have been created?

How can meet help Priyanka

Fortunately, the school’s Admissions Team had sent her the details of their internal networking and communications platform “meet Hardurd”. Through Network, Huddles and ReciproCity, Priyanka was able to answer all of her questions and a whole lot more. It turns out there was a meetup of involving some of her classmates in Hyderabad the following month!


Network allowed Priyank to explore and filter the school’s community by her specific Year Group (‘Full Time MBA2022’) and then by her Class (‘Stream F’).

She then filtered her classmates further by their professsions and industries, their interests and hobbies. She discovered the school had a Food Tech Club and was able to find classmates who were interested in the Club. She was even able find everyone from her year and the year above currently living in Hyderabad.

After browsing a few of her classmates’ profiles, it was clear she had a lot in common with some of them for lots of different reasons. She wanted to organise them in some way to help her remember who’s who. She created a List called “Entrepreneurship” and another list called “Hyderabad” and started dragging and dropping profiles into them.

One by one, she started to message the other people from Hyderabad in her course.

She noted that there were currently only 40 admits out of the expected 80 in her class on the platform. Rather than dragging and dropping those 40 people into a List, she created a ‘Smartlist’ using the filter of her Year Group and her Class and named it ‘My Class’. From then on, the system automatically added people to the Smarlist as as when they joined the platform and matched that filter criteria.


Excited by all the wonderful people Priyanka was looking forward to meeting, she now wanted to start immersing herself into the school’s community both by spectating and participating in any group chats that were relevant and to help her start answering those questions.

A huddle is a group chat. Huddles allowed Priyanka to explore and filter every huddle (that she had permission to see) using a tagging system. She filtered huddles by her specific Year Group (‘Full Time MBA2022’) and even by her Class (‘Stream F’). She found a Huddle called “FTMBA2020 Accommodation and Flatmates!!”. She joined the group chat and was able to read through all the previous messages other admits had written about finding accommodating near the school and who, like her, was looking to team up to find a flat together.

One girl, Aditi had posted a message saying she loves cooking traditional Indian food and was looking for a flatmate who liked to do the same. Priyanka viewed Aditi’s profile from inside the group chat to discover they had lot of other overlapping interests. Not only that, she also saw what other group chats Aditi had joined including, “FTMBA2020 - General”, “Harduard Indian Club”, “Homecooked Dinners FTMBA2022”, “FTMBA2022 Let’s Go Travelling!”, “Harduard Volley Ball Players”, and “FTMBA2022s ask the FTMBA2021s”. Priyanka immediately joined the huddles that were of interest to her and started reading all the interesting messages and resources people had shared.

She explored Huddles further by using a range of filtering tags from industries and interests to locations and official clubs and societies. After only a few minutes, Priyanka had joined 20 group chats and was really excited to see how active the school’s community was and how involved her own classmates had already been with wanting to connect with one another. Now Priyanka needed a way of managing and organising her huddles so she created a few Lists including “FTMBA2020”, “India stuff”, “My Travel” and “Food”. She then started to drag and drop the relevant huddles into these lists to help keep things organised.

It was also at this point she noticed a List called “Invitations” which revealed a whole host of huddles created by people in her year. She joined the huddles that looked relevant and cleared the invitations of the others.


There was one final thing Priyanka wanted to do, find out whether anyone in Hyderbad from the school was interested in meeting for a coffee, chat about the school’s opportunities in the food tech space or even become a mentor to help direct her during this exciting new journey.

ReciproCity allowed Priyanka to tap into the school’s entire community of admits, students and alumni. Rather than manually reaching out to people one at a time on a “hit and hope” basis, ReciproCity allowed her to broadcast her request to the whole community, and only those who were interested in helping would respond.

She created a new ReciproCity request on the platform that set out what she was looking for and within 24 hours she had two coffees lined up with Harduar Business School graduates based in Hyderabad, an informal internship interview with what looked to be a very exciting food tech startup based in Hyderabad, a number of invitations to joine relevant huddles that spanned the entrepreneruship and food tech alumni communities, as well as an invitation to an alumni event hosted in Hyderabad in a month’s time.